Health, Obesity, and Lifestyle – What it Will Take For Better Health

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We are in the midst of the worst crisis our country and some parts of the world have ever seen. Our children are getting fatter. Obesity is becoming the norm and so is Type 2 diabetes. Much of this is a by-product of our lifestyle. We’ve learned to live a life that is faster and more stressful than ever in history. Many families have parents where they both work. We are also in a financial crisis. Many people have lived far above their means. And they are paying the price with their health.

Washington is debating the healthcare system and how to change it. The costs are going up. The United States pays more per capita than any nation in the world on healthcare and yet we are among the unhealthiest. Will providing healthcare to every American make us healthier as a nation?

The problem lies not in the healthcare system, but in the lifestyle of every single person. In order for the United States to get healthier, our attitudes about health and lifestyle have to change. It’s been said that liver disease is highest among the wealthiest. One reason for this is that the wealthiest also eat the unhealthiest. They eat too much fatty foods at some of the finest restaurants.

My relatives in the Southern states live in some of the unhealthiest areas in the United States. The typical meals that are eaten there consist of fried foods, fat-laden salads, very little vegetables, and large steaks. Every time I’ve been to a social get-together there, there were always lots and lots of food – all unhealthy.

So what will it take for Americans and other parts of the world to get healthy?

First and foremost, it will take a complete attitude change on how we view food and how we view lifestyle. We have to understand that food is for one purpose only – to provide nutrients to fuel and feed our bodies that will keep it going at its highest potential. Our lifestyle needs to be one that incorporates the food for fuel and movement.

Our bodies were designed for movement. Whether you move by exercising or the way our ancestors did, by hunting and gathering, you’ve got to move. Many people have emphasized this point but to no avail. I remember when then Governor Michael Huckabee of Arkansas challenged himself to lose weight. He did and issued the same challenge to the rest of Arkansas. It didn’t work. They continue to get fatter and unhealthier.

It is very hard to change a culture. It will take one family and one community at a time. It will take individuals that are willing to go against the norm in their area so they can live a healthier lifestyle. It will take towns and cities to educate and to provide access to areas where people can move more.

People will also need to change the way they view society and themselves. Maybe it is time to downsize and exercise. Drop that Mercedes SL500 and get a Schwinn Cruiser bicycle. Put on a pair of walking shoes and start using them. Go to the park and run the fields or play on the monkey bars. Get hiking at your local hiking trail and even do some running on it. Just get moving, okay?

Eat a hearty breakfast, a good lunch, and a light dinner. Eat some healthy snacks throughout the day. Do this while you continue to move your body throughout the day. Hang around people that will help support you in living a healthier lifestyle. Drop any friends who continue to sabotage you, because they are not true friends anyway. They do not want you to change because it will change the whole system of what they are used to.

Finally, start believing in yourself and what you want in a healthier lifestyle. What will it get you? How will your life change? Believe in yourself enough that you deserve to be healthier and happier. Believe that what you do for yourself may eventually have a good affect on those you love.

Live for health.

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